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A platform to connect your equipment for important insight and parts ordering capabilities

Fleet Management

Rokion equipment captures rich information on the usage of your vehicle. Once activated, the onboard datalogger collects and transfers vehicle data to the TechCenter platform

TechCenter processes the data into an easy-to-understand glimpse into the vehicle's health and performance. Monitor battery usage, distance traveled, plugged-in time, and other key perspectives. Use this gained knowledge to reduce unproductive time and minimize vehicle downtime. By managing fault code information, proactively attend to vehicle issues before they turn into significant truck down-time.

Parts Catalog

Not only does TechCenter provide you access to rich vehicle information, but use the online catalog to order parts on demand - ensuring you have the part you need - when you need it.

Maintenance staff can spend significant time sifting through paper, searching for the correct parts information. Transitioning from paper documentation to an easy-to-use graphical equipment model with access to technical content, can significantly increase productivity for maintenance staff.

For more information regarding our TechCenter platform, please contact us directly.